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Effect Of Violence In Children

The exposure to family violence is a serious risk to the physical, mental, emotional and psychological development of children, especially if, in addition to being witnesses, they also have been victims.

This exposure to domestic violence not only affects children confidence in themselves making it difficult to become successful and get better opportunities in life, but it can also leave them traumatized.

Many studies have shown that children who grow up situations of violence and abuse in their homes, that has suffer from emotional abuse, have behavioral problems and learning disabilities. In addition, they have a higher risk of depression, poor school performance, social isolation, and constant complain of body, stomach and headaches.

The exposure to violence in the home, teaches children that violence is a normal way of life and increases the risk of being part of the violent relationship upon reaching adulthood, either as offenders or as victims.

Children learn to define themselves, to understand the world and how to interact with it from what they observe in their surroundings. Thus, the family is the first example of socialization of children and the most decisive in learning appropriate models for social adaptation.

We can help them to minimize the damage of the trauma of the exposure to violence, by assuring them that they are loved and did not do anything wrong. Children need to feel they are safe and secure. Finding help and getting out of an abusive relationship, is a way to teach, by example, that violence is wrong and should be avoided.

In this module we will present information to educate the people who are or have been victims of domestic violence or gender, the damages that have been caused to children who have also been victims, but more important, how we can help them reverse, if possible, this damage.

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